Iván Pavlov

Iván Pavlov belonged to the behavioral school of thought. He studied how organisms learn or modify their behavioral based to response to event in the environment. He lived in the time period between 1849-1936. During this time period Ivan Pavlov and other psychologist were looking at a different approach to psychology. He even did an expires meant involving a dog and some meat powder. He rang a tuning fork each time he gave him so meat powder. When the meat powder reached his mouth the dog would salivate. After doing this several times the dog would automatically salivate eve when thee was no meat powder present. This is how Ivan learned of classical conditioning; a habit that is involuntary.

Ivan Pavlov is important to psychology because he founded the concept of classical conditioning. He was also important to his school of thought because he found a different way of looking at humans through observational facts. During his time period he was invited to organize and direct the Department of Physiology at the Institute of Experimental Medicine. Doing this is what lead him to discover a different outlook on psychology. I also believe that conducting his experiment was a big contributor to his findings and classical condition. This, back then, was a big discovery that lead into many other things in the world of psychology.


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