The hanging of Thomas Hickey

June 26

       This man is a person that stands for everything that we, as rightfully independent citizens from the British and Patriots, do not stand for. Thomas Hickey attempted to assassinate George Washington, one of the leaders of this revolution that is taking place. In addition to this, he has been found guilty of sedition, and mutiny. Mr. Hickey has received money from the crown for attempting the act, in what can only be described as becoming a glorified hit-man for the enemy. He is an evil man, and deserves all of the infamy that the public eye sees him in, and deserves the fate that he has received. Be one of the many people to witness the execution of a terrible criminal, and a turning point in history. Come to the Commons on friday morning.


       This would be a representation of a poster that would've been used to gather people to see this event. Obviously it would've been written from the perspective of a person that fully believes that the U.S. is totally going to be a thing, and is very passionate in supporting the belief that the formation of it is going to happen and no one should get in the way of that happening. This idea is very extreme.

      In addition to that, this would be a viewpoint that would've been supported by a lot of people that Isabelle would've live in the area of, and the perspective would've sounded legitimate to a lot of people. On page 112 the author writes  "This is one spot in the city where twenty thousand people could gather," As I said earlier, to a lot of people, this would've sounded legitimate. And in addition to that, a lot of people were there, and whoever would be making this poster would know that a lot of people would be there.   


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