My First Mech

What is it?

  • My project is a Mech(at least a scaled down one of one), also known as a large piloted mechanical vehicle.

Why did you make it?

  • I made it because I've always wanted to see how far I could push a 3D printer with a complex design

What challenges did you face?

  • Moving through the project, I found that designing something intricate in tinkercad takes quite a long time and focus to get they way you want.

How did you overcome any problems?

  • I was able to find a workaround by finding new ways to manipulate shapes and combine them to create interesting designs.

What did you like/dislike about the project?

  • I really liked that I was able to create such a detailed design
  • I didn't like that it took quite a long time and it looks messy in some places

What would you do differently?

  • If I did this again, I would pay more attention to the sides and back of the mech as currently I feel they could look a bit better

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