Exploration Destination: The New World

I Need $ to Make it Happen
James Farnsworth

I am an Italian explorers and I plan to leave around 1505. I am asking you, the Spanish King Ferdinand the Second, for required funds to make this happen. I know you are after gold among other things and soon I will have more of it than in that picture up there. You will doubling your funds if you entrust a fund in me. I will also be searching for pelts as that is much more common in this area than gold and will be claiming large amounts of land for the Spanish empire. There is a possibility of silver and gemstones if we dig deep enough so that would be worth a try as well. I will also need long ranged weapons and digging tools to get down to where I would find these precious items. I'm sure that your greatness will be spread even to the New World for our dominance over Spain and France. I will be trying to get to the mountains near already explored areas where there may be many stones with the precious resources mentions above. I will them travel past there where there are sure to be flat lands to collect animal pelts to trade for cash. We will have some competition with the English and French searching for similar resources, but I have a plan to take care of them. We will surprise and then swerve around them to avoid conflict, if it does come to conflict, I will be ready with ballistae and cannons as well as handheld weapons.

If it comes to any hand to hand combat I would rather become friends and have them help us to the areas available loot. I expect there to be problems with the natives as well as with simple obstacles that our ship is not designed to handle. I will add some new features to the ship including a thinner bow to cut through small areas and a larger rudder for better maneuvers.

I think you would be the best funder for this expedition because I want you to win the struggle for European power. You are the best leader and I will enlarge the Spanish Empire, make you the most powerful man in Europe, and bring glory to Spain!

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