If you want to start a business come to
Canadian shield!

Canadian shield covers half of Canada so you could start a business any where you want, like in central Canada and the upper Canada like NWT it cover other parts of Canada too so its your choice where to start your business. Canadian shield is best for business because it has a lot of lakes, forests, farm and you could find gold to start your business. So if you are a fisher don't forget to come to fish at the Canadian Shield's river and lake because Canadian Shield covers a lot of water that it is good for fishing. If you are a logger you should come to Canadian shield for business because it has a lot of trees and it covers one of the largest forest named boreal has a lot of trees like coniferous, black and white spruce, balsam fir, jackpine, and tamarack. That's why if you are logger and if you come to Canadian shield for tree business you are going to be rich. If you are farmer and if you come farming to Canadian you will be happy because your animals are going to stay healthy because Canadian shield has the best environment for farms animal and you will get big land because Canadian Shield has a lot of farm land. There is gold near water and it is all over Canadian shield so you could be lucky to  find  gold  and if you do you could be very rich. So come to Canadian Shield if you want start a business.

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