Bay of Pigs

April 17, 1961

The U.S president Dwight D Eisenhower and his successor, John F Kennedy wanted to overthrow the government of the Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro. It was an unsuccessful invasion attempt by the U.S and Cuban exiles on April 17, 1961 at Bahía de Chochinos (bay of pigs) on the southern coast of Cuba.  The U.S wanted to overthrow the Cuba government, because of communists. People thought that the U.S wasn't going to get involved in the war. The U.S army was funded by the CIA. The invasion only lasted three days until the U.S was defeated. Eisenhower spent $3.1 million dollars to overthrow the Cuban government. The invasion back fired on the U.S, because  it strengthened the position of Castro's administration and tied together the Soviet Union. Miscommunication was one cause of the reasons the U.S  failed in the invasion.

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