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good people

Most people would agree that having people to make you smile and live without caution is better than having bad people who make you live in fear. The world needs good people because it makes us all happier and allows us to come together to make a difference. Having good people in the world helps better the society.

  It brings joy to the world, knowing that there is a supportive event that takes place every year. The Special Olympics allows those who are limited to come together and push themselves to achieve something big. The Special Olympics are not about winning but for each individual to have fun. The feelings you get when you see them having fun is unexplainable, shows how you don’t have to be talented to get out there and show the world what you are capable of.

  A happy world means happy people, it means a safer environment. Having good people shows how kindness can bring smiles to billions of people. A good person can brighten many souls. A friend is something like that. A friend is there when you need them, they give you advice and help you though difficult times, just to see you happy. Everyone should agree that, that is something we all want. Someone to care for you.

  The real truth is that Planet Earth needs good people because it not only brings out the beauty in nature but it keeps us safe from danger. Someone else’s life matters just as much as yours. For example, a fire fighter puts his or her life at risk to save many people. They do it for our safety, for others not to get hurt.

  Without good people the world would be a mess. Not to mention all the horrifying things that there would be. We need good people to be happy and to see us grow as a community. I believe the society should look around and ask themselves “how does my community look and what can I do to make it a better place?” It is time to make a difference.


Jessica Marie Trejo

Number: 915 831 2267

Address: 17813 Wenswood Dr. El Paso Tx 79938



My goal is to be in the Law Enforcement field.


  • 1.  7 years: Paso Del Norte (elementary)
  • 2.  3 years: Paso Del Norte (middle school)
  • 3.  2014 present: El Dorado 9th Grade Academy


  •   2013-2015: baby sitter
  • -  Taking care of child
  • -  Feeding
  • -  Naps
  • -  Keeping them entertained


  • -  Talking/communicating
  • -  Confidence
  • -  Respect

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

  I’ve known Issac Gallardo since we were very little. Probably since the 4th grade or younger, we went to the same elementary and middle school. Over the years I have had the opportunity to get to know Issac. I am writing this letter to talk to you a little bit more about who Issac really is and his skills to find a good job.

  Issac plans to pursue the career of a psychologist. I believe he is qualified due to many reasons. One of them being that he has communication skills, he knows how to talk to people and get them to talk as well. He would be a great person for counseling. Issac is also very caring, which is something needed for this career as well as a lot of patience. He would provide people with treatment and advice.

  I highly recommend Issac Gallardo to any psychologist opening out there. As hardworking as he is, I’m sure he will find the perfect job.

  If there are any questions, my name is Jessica Trejo. You can email me …



Letter of Inte

Trejo, Jessica Marie

17813 Wenswood Dr.

El paso TX 79905

May 18, 2015

Miguel Trevizo

English Educator

14400 Pebble Hills

El Paso TX 79938

Dear Mr. Miguel Trevizo,

  I believe that I have to offer a lot. I have the ability to talk to others fluently. I can ask them for help, if they need help with anything. I know 2 languages which are English and I can speak Spanish very well. I am also very respectful while talking; I can have a lot of patience. I can work in groups very well, try and get along with them as well. I will do anything possible to get the job done.

  My target job roles consist of a lot of seriousness and it consists of being in shape in case of any situation. Working as a Border Patrol officer, I will need a lot of patience. Learning 2 languages in my school helps me a lot and will help a lot in the career I want. I’ve been in soccer which makes me capable of doing outdoor activities.

  Overall, I believe I am very capable of many things that will help me find the right job for me.


Jessica Trejo

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