3 Reasons To Never Leave Home Without A Diesel Heater

Heading out on a cross country haul during the colder months can present with a lot of challenges. Some of the biggest obstacles involve maintaining safety, warmth and reliability while traveling through regions where freezing temperatures are the norm. This is where a diesel heater can make all the difference by providing truckers with an extra layer of protection against the cold that can technically add up to savings over the long term.

An Espar Hydronic heater, for example, provides an extra layer of protection when the conditions outside are frigid. This auxiliary truck heater is designed to spare the on-board heater wear and tear while delivering benefits that the on-board device simply cannot. While it’s an extra component, it’s one that can prove its value rather quickly during a run through a colder climate.

A diesel heater can deliver these benefits for long-haul truckers and more:

  • Reduced wear and tear on the vehicle – An Espar hydronic is its own self-contained heater that’s meant to keep not only the cabin, but also the engine compartment warm. Since it operates independently of the vehicle, it spares wear and tear on the engine during the overnight hours. The truck can be turned off while the diesel heater provides reliable warmth overnight, for example. In addition, this type of heater also conserves fuel since it uses its own high-efficiency small tank.
  • Greater starting reliability – These types of heaters can also offer a feature that ensures greater reliability for cold-morning starts. Some offer remote operation, which means the engine compartment can be warmed up while the driver is readying for the road inside another location. That increases the ability for an engine to fire up immediately even in the coldest weather.
  • Peace of mind – Having reliable heat in the coldest of weather is an important concern for truckers who often spend the overnight hours sleeping in on-board cabins. When a diesel heater delivers the comfort, there’s the peace of mind that goes along with knowing reliability can be counted on.

Heading out on a cross country haul through colder climates can pose a lot of challenges for truckers. When a diesel heater is included in the mix, truckers gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing reliability will factor into the run. These heaters conserve fuel, spare wear and tear and provide comfort during the long miles ahead.

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