Challenges of a farmer - Moving back to California

In the year 1995, the economy was just in its beginnings of making an economic rebound. There were many events that led to many stock companies to hit a type crash, reflecting negatively in the country’s economic situation. There were many worries as well, as it seemed that houses were being foreclosed in businesses were closing. Many smaller businesses had situations where there were no gains in staying open. Areas that were hit hardest, were those that had business thriving and were extremely competitive in global markets. Many can say that it was a recession that was on the brink of becoming a depression. But 1995 brought some really great and welcome growth back to the economy as the year went through. From 1993 to 1994, it was definitely a loss for everybody from coast-to-coast. But it was 1995, where many markets are starting to see small surges and consistency market again. Areas such as the Silicon Valley, bay area were starting to see growth once more. Not necessarily the big boom from the decades before but just enough to keep businesses open, and others from continuing to downsize.

This meant that smaller markets that made it through those really hard times, were on the verge of coming back. In the case of Aaron Cheiffetz, he decided to return and stay with his brother Seth in Pleasanton, California. While he was in Pleasanton, he looked for agriculture jobs specifically catering to organics. His brother explained to him that with his knowledge in agriculture he should try for a different approach to obtain related business. He reached out to a company name Earl’s organic produce out of San Francisco, and was hired as a regional distributor.

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