By: Nate Green

Basic Facts About Bolivia

Bolivia won its independence from Spain July 21st 1847

Bolivia has a population of 10,558,102 people

The national languages are Spanish, Quechua, Aymara, and Guaraní

The Capitol city is Sucre La Paz

The Official Currency is the Boliviano

It is bordered by Brazil, Peru, and Chile

Popular Attractions

Some of the worlds best attractions in the world making some of the best places to visit a very long list but here are a few:

Templo Misional Jesuitico de San Javier is an old mission in Bolivia from when the colonization of the Americas  was happening and the Europeans came through and they built an extraordinary church to spread their message to the locals.

El Fuerte de Samaipata is an archeological site that contains the ruins of ancient Inca dwellings in their expansion to the southeast but the city was raided by Guarani warriors frequently so the city became abandoned and is now a tourist attraction

Yungas Road is considered to be one of the most dangerous roads in the world yearly brings in thousands of thrill seekers to mountain bike on "Death Road".

Local Expressions

As in the United States we have local expressions that set us apart from the world. Bolivia is no different some local expressions include:

Hoy Estoy Yesca: Today I am broke

Macana: Bad thing/Bad luck

t'una: Small

Pajla: Bald

Bolivian Foods

As in the rest of the world there are specialties that the locals love here are some of Bolivias famous foods.

Salteñas are a pastry that is stuffed with chicken, beef, or pork and is filled with a sweet or spicy sauce

Cuy is roast Guinea Pig an it is considered a delicacy in Bolivia and most of South America  

Bolivia Geography

Bolivia is a land of many climates and regions Bolivia has rain forests, Dry deserts and mountain to make Bolivia a very diverse land of beauty.

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