Computer Viruses

Sasser And Nesky
D. Perry

The Sasser worm attacked computers through a Microsoft Windows vulnerability. Unlike other worms, it didn't spread through e-mail. Instead, once the virus infected a computer, it looked for other vulnerable systems. It contacted those systems and instructed them to download the virus. The virus would scan random IP addresses to find potential victims. The virus also altered the victim's operating system in a way that made it difficult to shut down the computer without cutting off power to the system.The Netsky virus moves through e-mails and Windows networks. It spoofs e-mail addresses and propagates through a 22,016-byte file attachment [source: CERT]. As it spreads, it can cause a denial of service (DoS) attack as systems collapse while trying to handle all the Internet traffic. At one time, security experts at Sophos believed Netsky and its variants accounted for 25 percent of all computer viruses on the Internet [source: Wagner]. Five ways to protect your computer is : 1. You can use Mcafee software for your computer.2. Sometimes you have to launch the infected program.  3. NEVER OPEN ANY ATTACHMENT OR FILE FROM SOMETHING OR SOMEBODY YOU DONT KNOW { IT MIGHT BE A VIRUS }.  4. Another way is to turn the internet off. 5. Dont forget to update your new software as more viruses come.  

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