How were dogs used in the war effect of WWI?

Casualty dogs helping a wounded soldier.
Messenger dogs at work.

In WWI dogs were used in many different ways. The most popular type of dogs were those who were medium-sized, intelligent, and trainable. There were six different jobs that the dogs had to do. The first type were sentry dogs, these dogs protect one soldier and give a warning of danger. Another type of dog used were scout dogs, they sniffed out the enemy and also gave a warning of danger but a silent one. Casualty dogs were used to find injured or dying soldier and bring them medical aid. A messenger dog was used to take a message from one base to another because they we not an easy target for snipers. If a soldier was captured, a mascot dog was there to keep them company and comfort. The final job that dogs were used for we're explosive dogs, this job did not end up well for the dog because they were taught to carry explosives to an enemy tank on there bodies to have them be detonated.

By 1918 Germany had used about 30,000 dogs. Britain, France, and Belgian had used over 20,000. Italy had used about 3,000 dogs. Dogs were a very important thing during the time of WWI and helped in so many different ways.

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