Please.. Be Grateful, People!

People. Could you please stop acting like a kid?

Honestly, I don't really like big crowd. And people who play rap and dancing, and loud. I just hate all kinda stuffs. No Offense, guys. It's just not "me".

Today, people in my US History class are just went crazy. I hate those guys who act stupid trying to get other people's attention which is honestly, so dumb.

I dont understand why they really like to shout to people. And how they really like to make noise and distracting 20 other students in the classroom.

I thought, they are well-educated enough.

Guys, if I may say this, you are so lucky. TOO LUCKY.

As a United States citizen, you guys get a freedom to education. Your government spend a lot of money for you to get an "almost free education".

You should more see the world. I mean, the real world. How millions of people out there starving. Have nothing to do to survive.

YOu should more feel how lucky you are living in a super power country like US.

You should more discover the world. This big big world.

Today, I talked with a student teacher in my US History class that maybe I can move my seat. Somewhere.

I hope, he'll say yes and move me in the next class.

Stats Class.

Nov 11, 2014

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