K-12 mLearning Options

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What is this? Socrative is a an example of a student response system. It allows students to answer questions using their personal, mobile devices. Their answers are tracked by the Socrative software for the teacher and students to review.

How can it be used? Socrative can be used by teachers to review content with students before an exam. The results will let students and teachers know where additional study and review is needed. For example, a Social Studies teacher could use it to review important dates related to World War II prior to an exam in that topic.

Reading Bear

What is this? Reading Bear is a website and an app that is designed to help children learn to read.

How can it be used? Reading Bear can be used as part of a larger set of tools to help kids learn how to read. Students can move through the content at their own pace so it would give teachers an idea of which level each of their students were at.


What is this? Audioboo is both a website and a mobile app that allows users to record audio and upload it to the web.

How can it be used? Audioboo could be used as part of an assignment in which students create an virtual tour of their town or neighbourhood. They could explore the concepts of community by creating an online tour and adding audio descriptions of different parts of their community.

Math Quiz for All Ages

What is it? Math Quiz for All Ages is an app for the iPhone that quizzes the user in basic math functions

How can it be used? This could be used by students who are struggling with math because it would allow them to practice in a fun, game based mode

Brain Tutor 3D

What is it? Brain Tutor 3D is an iTunes app that provides 3D images of the brain as well as information about different parts of the brain and how they function.

How can it be used? Brain Tutor 3D could be an excellent supplement to a Biology textbook. Students can  "get their hands on" a brain and interact with it. It could really help students to understand how different parts of the brain work together and give them a good sense of what the brain really looks like. Visual learners can benefit from all the images.

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