Nebraska's Agriculture

by Lillian N.


Since the state of Nebraska was first settled it's economy  was based on agriculture.Agriculture is the science and art of crop's & farming.95% of our state is used for agricultural use.

Nebraska has a lot of corn! There is more than 1.2 billion bushels that can be harvested in a year. Corn grows wildly in Nebraska.Nebraska is the third largest corn producing state in the U.S. Did you now that 1 in 4 acres is expected to have corn.

Chickens are the number 1 consumer of soybeans .Hogs are number 2. Soybeans can make tons of products such as soy ink,biodiesel fuel,biodegradable plastic,cooking oil,crayon, wax,and ink-printing. Each bush weighs 60 pounds with 60-80 pods.

Nebraska has cattle everywhere.We have about 63,000! Nebraska  ranks as in the top 3 cattle producing state in the country.

Nebraska makes 4 million tons (8,000,000,000 pound)of alfalfa and grass hay. Alfalfa and grass hay are produced in every city in Nebraska totaling 1 -2 billion bushels.


Nebraska is the home of farming and it should stay that way!