Melissa Ng

The young lady who made connection possible

As of 2016, she embarked on her journey as her beloved dog passed on and she was unable to comprehend her dog's feelings. Just what if, what if communication between animals and humans would be possible she thought. Melissa has always thought about the way of communication and how we could communicate with animals as they too are part of the world. Thinking about this, she decided that she would make communication possible between us and animals.

Through lateral thinking she thought of different technologies of this generation that could make her idea possible. She traveled across the world along with her mother to gain information and primary data on animals, visiting animal specialists and experts in this technology, there were a few who were enthusiasts on her idea. She patented her idea and sent it to different sponsors and companies, hoping for a favourable response.

However things were not so in luck at first as people deemed her idea as useless, but Melissa was driven and was confident that her idea would be taken further.

3 years later, after carefully researching and speaking to expert advisors, working with different companies and businesses, she created her first prototype, and brought it to the 2019 DOit convention as she stood at the podium and received many sponsorships following that.

Today, she is successful. With the help of the today's advanced technology, she is able to insert a microchip-like device into animals which will pick up their radiowaves and transmit it to an application which can be downloaded into portable devices. It then shows what the animal feels and wants. People then can connect to their respective microchip when in range and be able to communicate with animals.

Through this venture, she has faced countless problems to create this invention. But through determination and committment, she was able to conquer her problems with the right qualities. She was able to make wise decisions and plan out exactly where this business would go. As she took initiatives and risks, she was well aware of what she was doing and when there were problems with her invention, Melissa will find a way around the problem. As she had required many sponsorships through advertising her idea to different sponsors, she was able to have sufficient costs to invest in her invention by bringing pieces together

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