Survey of students who travel by car or bus.

This picture explains information of the data that I collected in my first survey based of my 2nd period MathIII Honors class and some from friends around school that I know and talk to each and everyday.

Based on the survey above i asked questions like :

How do you travel to and from school?

How often do you travel and the arrival time to their destination?

How satisfied are with your transportation? with an answer of an Yes or No or an scale (1-10).

The Bar Graph that is shown shows the number of people that travel on either an Bus or Car basically how they travel. The Satisfaction of each person in the top picture up above that I collected information on shows the satisfaction of each of an Yes or No or either the number on the scale they thought would be satisfied.

In the Bar Graph 5 people ride the bus, 12 people get to school by car, and 3 people ride either Bus/Car they are all out of 20 people.

This graph of standard deviation shows the time that students may arrive to school everyday of the week.

The standard deviation of the arrival times that were calculated came up to be 2 to equal the standard deviation.

Standard Deviation of 2

Mean of 7

The Mean is 7, The is Median 7, and a mode of 7 also.

This graph shows the satisfactory of the people that I surveyed on a scale 1-10 with 1-5 on the scale being not so satisfied and 6-10 being kind of satisfied and 10 being really satisfied.

The graph was based out of the twenty people that I surveyed for this portion of the project.

The question asked for this portion was how satisfied are you with your transportation on a scale (1-10).

To answer the question as you can see on the graph that One person went beyond 1 on the scale of satisfactory and the other numbers frequently used were 6 and 10 saying that they were very satisfied. Out of Mean, Median, and Mode the Mode of the graph would equal up to be 10 for the most chosen on the scale.

This is the 2nd Survey of the people that I surveyed with the new solution that I came up with that could get people to school on time, something that would be much fun and enjoyable for students that travel by bus.

My new solution was an Harmony Train ( High-Speed Train)

In this survey I also asked questions like:

How much should the ride cost for an week?

Should the train travel up to 240mph or 100mph?

My Harmony train service wouldn't cost that much a week and would get students to school faster enough so they wouldn't be late.

The Harmony ( the fastest train)

Description: This is basically a drawn model of my new solution that I possibly came up with that would get students to school faster and on time. The Harmony would be the fastest train to ever exist traveling up to 240Mph.

The cost that I chose from surveying would be to charge $60.00 for the week with everything included like breakfast and snacks as you arrive to your destination.

The least the train would travel would be 140mph to get this mileage you would subtract 240mph-100mph.

As you probably see this is how my survey turned out to be with me only surveying 5 people out of the five people that I surveyed 3 out of 5 people said they would take the Harmony, 1 out of 5 said they would take car and train, and at least 1 out of 5 said No just to fast!

By looking at this could say yes most would take an train full of excitement any day than an bus or car with numbers collected.

In the picture above you can see an drawn box-and whisker plot as I was drawing it my data didn't really end up coming out correctly so I drew another solution that would make my data look accurate showing the number of people that would prefer the train to run 240mph or 100mph.

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