Zhou Dynasty

By: Madelyne Kirksey Core 1

The Zhou Dynasty's Mandate of Heaven

The Zhou Dynasty believed that the reason why the Shang Dynasty lost power was because of this belief, Mandate of Heaven. The Mandate of Heaven states that "the right to rule China is granted from God or the Heavens. So the Zhou Dynasty believed that the Heavens didn't think the Shang Dynasty's king was a good ruler. When the Heavens didn't think the Shang king was a good ruler, the king's people had the right to overthrow him.

The Zhou Dynasty's Achievements

The Zhou Dynasty's people were able to construct a irrigation and flood control system so that the farmers crops would grow right, without any bad affects. Because the crops grew faster the population increased to about 50 million. The Zhou army learned how to use iron which was much stronger than bronze (the material the Shang army used). The Zhou Dynasty also introduced coins to China and also began the use of chopsticks

The Zhou Dynasty FAlls

The Zhou Dynasty had more than one kingdom. In these kingdoms the Zhou kings had aristocrats help the king of that time rule. During the later years of the Zhou Dynasty the aristocrats became powerful and stopped obeying the king and went for control. For almost 200 years the states battled each other. These years were called "The Period Of The Warring States". The country was so out of order the the country weakened. With the country weakened Qin Shihuangdi overthrew the Shang king. With that done the Qin Dynasty began.

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