An Animal Cell is Like a City

By:Grace Luce

A city and a cell have many simularities such as...

The Police Force

The police force is simular to the cell membrane because the cell membrane controls what goes in and out of the cell. The police force also controls what goes in and out of the city as well.


Air is simular to cytoplasm because cytoplasm is the material that fills up the space in between the cell structure. Air also fills up the extra space between everything in a city.

City Hall

The city hall is like the nucleus because the nucleus manages all cell functions and holds DNA information. City hall also controls city functions and holds city information.


The highways are simular to the endoplasmic reticulum because the ER transports the protiens throughout the cell. The highways also provide a way for people and goods to be transported throughout the city.

Power Plant

Power plants are simular to the mitochondria because the mitochondria produces energy for the entire cell. Likewise power plants produce and provide energy for the entire city.


Factories are simular to ribosomes because ribosomes build protiens essentail for life in the cell and factories build goods needed for life in the city.

Post Office

Post offices are like the golgi apparatus because the golgi apparatus packages and distributes cells throughout the cell. Post office also package and distribute mail and information throughout the city and even the world.


Landfills are simular to lysosomes because lysosomes dispose of waste and landfills are where the city disposes of it's waste also.

Recycling Center

Recycling centers are like peroxisomes because they break down poisonous peroxide produced in the cell. Recycling centers also break down recyclable materials to reduce the poisness toxins produces in usual disposal of these items.


Wind is like cilia because cilia moves materials in a single-celled organism and wind also moves (blows away) materials in the city .

A construction site is like the centriole because the centriole is responsible for cell division and construction sites divide the city into different areas while repairing the city.

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