my favorite season

When witches go riding and black cats are seen, The moon laughs and whispers 'tis Halloween.-unknown author

I love being outside especially when it is this season. It smells like pumpkins, cinnamon, rain, candles and coffee, I love these smells because they are very relaxing. My favorite holiday is also during this time but that is not the only reason why I love this season.

I really love this holiday because when I go outside I hear the crackling and crunching of the beautiful colored leaves.When I walk outside I like how it is not too cold but is still cool enough to not be summer. It feels wet and musky, most people don't like it to be this weather but I do.

To me the food in fall taste better. It taste freshly made and warm. My favorite food is chicken and dumplings that my grandpa makes. He makes it homemade with no recipe It taste like fall food. kind of how candy canes are Christmas food.

I love the crackling leaves. And the tree branches rustling wildly in the wind. And I love hearing children laughing as they jump into big piles of leaves.I love hearing the wind whistling outside of my window, and leaf blowers blowing.

I love looking out side and seeing all of the beautiful colored leaves spread all over the brown grass. I love seeing children outside jumping into leaves and dressed up in costumes begging for candy. and I love seeing unique pumpkins outside of peoples homes.

Thank you for reading my tackk, and I hope you enjoy this season!

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