End of the Year PROJECT

Josue Luna


Josue Luna

(915) 131-3131

Beverly Hills, California




I would love to become a well known multi-millionaire that owns a chain of businesses from El Paso.


O’Shea Keleher Elementary (PreK-5)

Rafael Hernando Middle (6-7)

Manuel Puentes Middle (8)

Pebble Hills High (9-12)


I worked for my mother’s business. I worked as the cashier and the food maker from the start until the end of the company.

Erika’s Snow Biz (Cashier/Food Maker)

June 2012- October 2014

I have done plenty of labor work. I went around the community and ask if they needed their landscape cleaned and fixed. I set up dates and worked all day from them

Community Landscaping

Summer 2012/2013/2014


I am able to play all percussion instruments and a little guitar. I can speak English and Spanish fluently and I am learning French. I am also a excellent and competitive gamer.

Cover Letter

Luna, Josue Isaac

901 North Alpine Drive, Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills, California 90210

May 25, 2015

Bill Gates/Entrepreneur-Inventor

Management Department


Medina, Washington

Dear Mr. Gates,

I am a freshman at Pebble Hills High School and I am interested in being a young entrepreneur such as yourself. I have been around many businesses started from scratch by my family and I have learned the basics. I am good at most business related skills and I believe I can make any company successful and help it thrive.

The statements I have made are truthful and I think I can handle a chain of businesses and help them thrive. Thank you and I look forward for our meeting later this week.


Josue Isaac Luna

Letter of Recommendation

To whom this may concern,

Jonathan and I have known each other since the beginning of middle school. That is over 27 years that I have known and been connected with this man. He is very trust worthy and I trust him with my life because he was my chauffeur for 10 years. He is a very safe and great driver and when he is told to do something, he does it that moment. I trust this man and I know what he is capable of doing and I believe he can handle and task that is given to him. Therefore, I, Josue Isaac Luna, recommend Jonathan Villegas to the position of his choice. Of course, automotive related.

Sincerely, Josue Isaac Luna

Persuasive Essay


The world is full of many people: 7.3 million to be exact. There is plenty of diversity on the planet but there is one problem. Good people are being outnumbered by evil people.

The world can simply not work with evil people running it. No one will be able to trust anyone. Evil people usually backstab, lie, cheat, and think of themselves before anyone else. We would have plenty of trust issues and a terrible society.

Our world will be an apocalypse without good people. Good brings people together and creates wonderful things but evil destroys us and our society. There would be rebellions everywhere and a ruler trying to control lands. It would be a worldwide war. Every man for himself.

Good people are needed and we are losing them. No one wants to live having to worry if you will wake up the next day with the things you love or even worst, your life.

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