Kuba Ka is New Raffles Entertainment Golden Boy

Founded in 2001, Raffles Entertainment is one of the most highly-respected entertainment consultants in the world. Founded by CEO Raffles Van Exel, this company has guided some of the world’s most talented celebrities including Whitney Houston, King of Pop Michael Jackson, Patti LaBelle, Lance Bass, Flavor Flav, Ice-T, and most recently signing on Megastar Kuba Ka. The partnership between Raffles and Kuba is both ideal and a bit of destiny. Raffles Entertainment CEO, Raffles Van Exel has also been professionally involved with Frank Dileo, Kuba’s first manager upon his arrival to America. The entertainment incestuousness runs even deeper considering that Michael Jackson, who was signed by Frank Dileo, wore Versace during his HISTORY tour. Recently, Kuba Ka sported an outrageously rocker Superhero outfit designed by Versace.

Raffles Entertainment has taken on a sure winner when it comes to Kuba Ka, as his entertainment stylings run the gamut through print work (Apollo Male Models Magazine calendar), tremendously sleek music videos and top celebrity musical collaborations with choreographer Laurieanne Gibson (Lady Gaga), music producer Sean Garrett (Beyonce) and, of course, his fashion partnership with Donatella Versace. Already making a name for himself among the American celebrity elite, Kuba Ka is ready to take on new challenges and break new barriers with the guidance of Raffles Entertainment.

Kuba Ka already has American’s gossiping as he was recently spotted at a Dolce & Gabbana VIP event held in Beverly Hills. This event, “Once Upon a Time in Sicily” was held behind heavily guarded doors and was privy only to Dolce & Gabanna’s billionaire and celebrity clients. It was rumored that Dolce & Gabbana spent over $100,000 to help prepare Kuba for his American debut, choosing items from their luxurious and prestigious private collection.

Kuba Ka has become such an American interest that the E! Channel is working on a film about Kuba’s life, with plans for it to be filmed late 2014 at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Vikki Lizzi of V Entertainment (who also recently signed Kuba Ka) and her partner, Patrick Ortiz, are hard at work portraying the intricate and fascinating life of a boy who started delighting the masses in Poland at age 5, and is now in America creating an avalanche of mind-blowing entertainment.

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