A Glance At Instagram's Sinister Side.

The "selfie" and our "helpful hashtags"

#tbh,  #ootd, and #ootn, do you know what these hashtags mean? Maybe you do maybe you don't but you probably know this one, #selfie. If you have never heard of this hashtag you must have been living under a rock. In fact #selfie was voted the most commonly used hashtag of 2013. The selfie is so popular that songs have been written after it and even more concerning if you go onto instagram and type in the hashtag, selfie, over 100,000,000 selfies will have been taken, and every time you refresh the page another 100,000 "selfies" will show up. Back to my other hashtags, you may be wondering what they really mean. #tbh = to be honest, #ootd= out of the day and finally #ootn = outfit of the night. There are so many other hashtags but really, why are we communicating through these slangs and accronyms? Reason being that our generation is LAZY. I admit to the fact that I too also use these accronyms when i'm texting and/or on instagram.

The new and improved 21st century....

"Our children are,our future." Ever wonder how these future geniuses are doing in school? WELL, most students are doing well, but almost every single one will openly admit to getting distracted by a source of technology while doing homework or in class. Instagram is a huge distraction. For example, before I start my homework, I better take apicture of it because I want everyone to know just how bored I am. So you snap a picture of your well hated math homework, and finally get started, but wait... what's that? *phone lights up* oh, I just gotmy first like! I wonder who liked it? Instagram is a huge distraction with it'sconstant reminders that someone liked your photo, why can't this generation put their pieces of technology away for an hour or so? Because we are addicted. We are constantly checking our phones for updates on our e-lives, and we can't stop. Don't just think its the kids who do this, its adults too. We also have the issue with wanting reassurance that we are pretty or good looking, so when we get 27 likes on a photo, its the end of the world. If we get 12 likes and our friend gets 52, we are automatically jumping to the conclusion that we are not pretty or that no one likes us.        


Public and private VS photo maps-
the right path to take

It was 10:30. Pm and Alyssa saw that @jmt liked 16 of her photos, all were personal pictures of her.

@jmt is taking advantage of instagrams public feature. Who is @jmt? For all we know @jmt is a random instagram follower who she let follow because she is on a public account. Would you rather have an account where anyone can see your posts, comment on your photos, and like any of them? Or, would you rather have an account which you can control who see's your posts and who can like them?  Unfortunately incidents have happened where people who are under the public setting , where anyone who wishes can follow them and view there posts have been stalked to extremes.  You may be wondering, how can this happen, after all,  it is only a social media site where you take pictures, but no. Instagram gives you the option of turning on photo maps, which lets you say where you took that photo and unfortunately when people choose to be on a public account, followers who have perverted interests, have in the past taken photos off your account, photoshop them a little bit and then used them on pornography sites where your privacy is jeopardized. Photo maps takes all this to another extreme by showing where you have taken the photo. Photo maps is a setting where, whenever you post a photo you can choose to show where you took the photo. For example if I took a photo at home, and had photo maps turned on, my home address would be exposed to anyone in my followers. Even worse if I hashtag that photo no matter if I am public or private anyone who searches the hashtag is able to see my photo tagged with my address. Lesson, don't use photo maps whether or not you are public or private.

Why is instagram so nesscary in young peoples lives? Reason being we want to fit in. But if if instagram is leading to bullying, and dangerous isssues should we really be on it, most of our time? An article written recently by a women named Jessica Winter, says that "Instagram is the most depressing social media site - even more depressing than facebook." What makes instagram really so bad? The fact that even though we have so many problems regarding what is appropriate and not appropriate to put online and that NO ONE has tried to change these "privacy policies" that we so call have. Last time I checked I thought it was illegal to take pictures of people without their permission. My class recently read an article about a man called Daniel Arnold, an innocent man, with a few uninnocent photos... For example Daniel took a photo of some women lying on the beach nude, appropriate? I think not. Although the photo was later removed, thousands of people had already seen it, and we were all told by our parents and teachers that what is put on the internet, never really leaves the internet no matter, if we delete it.  In conclusion, a lesson to us all, be careful what you put on the internet, espescially, instagram. ~

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