Ways to Say "I LOVE YOU"

1. Actions speak louder than words, so show affection.

''Showing love is more about action than words — giving my mother a kiss, showing affection. She’s my mother, so it’s assumed as a fact that she knows I love her, so we don’t say it, we just show it.”

2. Kiss their forehead.

“A real special way of showing someone that you love them and you care for them is kissing them in the forehead,” Santos said. “I do that to my son and my nephew.”

3. Drop a line, just because. With or without emoji.

“Texting or emailing someone ‘I love you,’ just to show them that you’re thinking about them. The little faces you can text? I’ve done it but I rarely do that. You know what I do? I text ‘143.’ Old school, beeper status. That’s the beeper era.”

4. Share your emotions openly, even with co-workers and friends.

“I’m a very sensitive person. I’m not afraid to show someone how much I love them. When I’m tipsy, if I’ve had a few drinks, I tend to express myself. I like to tell the people on my staff what they mean to me — I’ll give a hug.”

5. And give other people space to be independent and honest.

“There’s many women from the Bronx that are very different, with different personalities. But I can tell you that a lot of the girls from the Bronx are real. They’re not afraid to express themselves verbally. I always respect that in women, I’ve always believed in independence of speech. In the Bronx, you get that from women.”

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