EDU 210

Mobile Learning Apps


This app gives learners access to a variety of TEDTalks from speakers from around the world, with a huge range of content. I could assign my students to watch a selected speaker and be prepared to discuss the video in the next class, or have them peruse the videos to find one that interested them.

This app is free.


This app allows for multiple users to view and edit one document, which could allow for student collaboration on an assignment. I could use it, as I have in my own classes, as a way for students to peer edit each others' essays. Users can share their document with whomever they choose, and can access wherever they want.

This app is free.


This app is used to create and share audio recordings. In our Flexlab Module 9, we used SoundCloud to create podcasts to add to our ePortfolios. As a teacher, I could ask my students to do the same and create a podcast for a project, as a different type of learning technique.

This app is free.


SparkNotes provides broken down summaries and analyses of a variety of plays and books read at the secondary level. The website often is criticized for allowing students to bypass reading the actual text but I disagree. The plot summaries can be particularly useful in conjunction with texts that have difficult language, such as Shakespeare for example.

This app is $0.99.

Thesaurus Rex

This app is created by, and provides alternative word choices. This could be used in a grammar lesson with students, or to provide students with alternative word choices when working on assignments at home.

This app is $2.29.

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