Courtney's Much Ado Retelling


Love Connections

I do not need anybody when it comes to love. I'd rather hear my dog barking then to hear a man that swears he loves me. An as for Benedick I do not like him one bit. Therefore he is my enemy.

Don John at the party

For what I heard at the masquerade party Don Pedro was suppose to woo Hero for Claudio. But Don John always trying to make mischief, Told Claudio that Don Pedro was trying to woo Hero for himself. Claudio believed it and got very upset and angry.

Benedick & Beatrice

Benedick told me after we where married that while he was in the garden one that all the men came outside and was talking about how I loved him so. It seemed so funny because I told him that while I was walking to to house I over heard Hero and Uricla Talking about how he loved me so. It became clear to us that they tried to match make us together.

Don John Ruins Hero

On Hero and Claudio Wedding day, Claudio comes out and completely ruined Hero's Life. Hero was so hurt, after all he called her a common stale. Hero wasn't she had never laid with a man before it was a complete lie.

Truth comes out

I knew that the truth would come out because Hero is to innocent and sweet I knew she would never do such a thing like that. It all turns out that Don John the bastard was the one all be hind all of this. He did not want to see anyone happy, because he wasn't happy. But his trick didn't work. Hero and Claudio got married and where happy, and after all I did get married and i'm happily married to Beneidick.  

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