ScrapESbook 4th Quarter

Planting a tree is just another thing I am now able to cross off my bucket list! This past week, we planted a tree on the west side of the Marist campus and I cannot wait to see what it becomes.

During our time with our tree expert, we learned what to do and what not to do when planting a tree. We learned that many kinds of landscaping for trees is pretty, but not necessarily good for the trees themselves. Even some trees we saw already planted at Marist were using the trendy landscaping, but not very good for the tree roots. We also learned about how to dig the soil up from the area you are planning to plant a tree in, how to properly apply mulch to the surround the tree trunk, and even how to create a barrier around the tree with the dug up grass and soil.

All in all, the entire experience of planting our very own tree on Marist soil was very satisfying. We now know to be extra careful when mowing the lawn, not to volcano the tree, and most importantly, keep the tree alive with plenty of water and nutrients.

Another great experience that I was able to share with my fellow Environmental Scientists was the awesome field trip with the Friends of the Chicago River.  While we were a bit skeptical being dropped off in the middle of the forest preserves, the experience was great.  I really felt that the real-world application of what we had learned about water testing was a great aspect of the trip. After we took off the boots, I realized that there are so many more species living in the water than we know and with the white trays filled with creatures, it showed how diverse an area truly is.  Also, the nature walk and nature hunt were very peaceful activities that we were able to do on such a beautiful day.  We truly lucked out with such awesome water testing weather!  

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2 years ago

It was a great day! Thanks for a great year, Cara!! 50/50