Making a Game

Story and Design

So we need to create a game....

What does it need to be on, could it be?

- Rescuing a Princess
- Finding hidden treasure
- Getting to the end of the game
- Free roaming

Who is in the game?

- What are the characters, what are their names?

Parts of the game




What is the aim of the game?

What you've got to do.

Create a basic game.

Tell me what the characters are

Tell me what the storyline is

Tell me what the aim of the game is

Comment Stream

2 years ago

Main Char
Name: Phil Freeman
Gender: Male
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Ginger
Race: Human
Age: 25
Height: 6’
Weight: 61kg/133lb
Occupation: Vigilante for a Freedom Group
Features: Thick-rimmed glasses
Recognisable marks: Gordon Freeman goatee
Likes: Science, being a badass
Dislikes: Gabe Newell, Steve Jobs, Humanoid Krees, Microsoft

Game Story: Freeman’s Uprising
Beginning – Speicher Entertainment is a spin-off of Speicher Industries, tasked with producing media products. It sells a console called the Genek which uses genetic memories to use within a game. It is set in Malta, in modern day, although things don’t seem quite right. There’s something sinister about the way the consoles networks function, and weird things are happening to people.
Middle – Car chase after finding location, until this guy who has the information, drives his car off a cliff... You lose all your intel and now have to start from scratch; or if you press the right buttons in a quick time event you can catch up to the guy and interrogate him.
End – Destroy all uplinks, get revenge on the final boss after a huge battle. There is a public revelation as to what was actually happening and the group is rewarded! (Fade to black)
Aim – to destroy uplinks, collect intel (for easter egg?)
Tech, Science, Free-roam, first person, free-running
Speicher Entertainment

2 years ago

Name: Nicholas (Group leader)

Gender: Male

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Brown

Race: Human

Age: 25

Height: 5 10

Weight: 12 stone

Features:scar to his right eye

Recognisable marks: Scar, Weird hairstyle

Likes: Stealing things

Dislikes: Getting caught for stealing things

Game Story
It begins ten years ago where they steal from a bank they need to get supplies to the safehouse in which they plan their crew for the heist of a lifetime they get in the van whilst the hacker whom get into the security systems and turn them off
They plan the heist and gather supplies to prepare for the attack on the systems. Michael sets a charge that remotely detonates the door in which it opens
They rush in loud taking the people to the back of the bank, in which one person ties them up and guards them while the others begin to crack the safe. They hear police sirens go off as officers approach.
They attempt to get into the flying car but get cut off by the police, they return fire but one character is shot in the upper arm and they leave him behind in which the police arrest him and interrogate him. He gives over all the information about his crew, where they planned the heist, and the safehouse location. While the police plan to raid the safehouse where Nicholas is.
Aim: Finish/get to the end.
Name: Jonathon (Heist planner)
Gender: Male
Eye colour: Green
Hair colour: Light brown
Race: Human
Age: 20
Height: 4 10
Weight: 8 stone
Recognisable marks: 1 finger missing on his left hand
Likes: Planning heists and watching Netflix
Dislikes: Being interrogated

Name: Michael Borowiski (Member who is shot and left behind)
Gender: Male
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Blonde hair
Race: Human
Age: 29
Height: 7’10
Weight: 17 stone
Recognisable Marks: Eye patch on left eye (blinded by chemical poisoning.
Likes: Eating, shooting things.
Dislikes: Lots of movement. Getting left out of tasks.
Michael is left he get a offer he can’t refuse no jail time and cash in which he uses to pay his guards but Nicholas finds out he’s still alive and snitched them in so he pays to guards to kill him. After this you have completed the game and your able to free roam

In 2145, Far into the future. Laser beam rifles, Heated knife (burns skin while penetrating it) Laser Blowdart gun.futurstic cars which runs on air

2 years ago

Name: Any Name

Gender: Man

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Red

Race: Cow

Age: 36

Height: 6 foot

Weight: six stone

Features: Môn brow ( also pink), porn star moustache

Recognisable marks: Scar across his eye

Likes: Grass, Beer,

Dislikes: Life, Feet
(Also has robotic shins)

Name: Lorenzo Reberto

Gender: Woman

Eye Colour: Red

Hair Colour: Pink

Race: Tiger

Age: 68

Height: 3ft

Weight: 3 stone

Features: Horns, moustache

Recognisable marks: Lots of claw marks and scars

Likes: Money, Jewelry

Dislikes: Cows, Frogs, Dictionary

Name: Ziggy

Gender: Man

Eye Colour: Green

Hair Colour: Silver

Race: Frog

Age: 22

Height: 5ft 10

Weight: 90 pounds

Features: Big lips, large nostrils

Recognisable marks: Tattoo of a lady frog

Likes: Alchohol, Cocaine

Dislikes: Chairs, Tables

You (the character) awakes to find his wife missing and baby gone.
There was a letter with a contact number. He rings it and is asked for $1 000 000

Middle: You rob a bunch of different banks to raise money.
Almost get caught by cops. Villain watches you on 3 of the heists to frame you.

End: You raise the money and find out the villain took them. Then you have a battle and the villain dies.

You have a perks system that unlocks different things.
You unlock different masks. There is a crate system every time you level up to unlock better equipment.

DLC: Downloadable Content
Heists to suit the days or themes. Like Christmas or Halloween.
Year: 3245
Everyone has hover boards and flying cars. Famine is at an all time high. And Ebola is writhing. Death is on the doorstep of everyone.
Your character is and genetically engineered cow. Made for the world’s greatest beef. There are plenty of skyscrapers. There is a war with Earth so everyone fears nuclear attacks.
Bank Layouts are from room to room with you arriving in a bus. You mainly start off with a pipe or baton. You live on Mars and are not very rich.
The graphics are like Hotline Miami 2

2 years ago

Name: General Stanislaw’s

Gender: Male

Eye Colour: red

Hair Colour: bronde

Race: Human

Age: 69

Height: 5f 9’’

Weight: 900N

Features: big bushy moustache, golden ring

Recognisable marks: scar across his face

Likes: Torturing prisoners

Dislikes: free thinking soldiers

Name: Shayne Malcolm Barrett

Gender: male

Eye Colour: blue

Hair Colour: brown

Race: human

Age: 20’s

Height: 5ft 9”

Weight: 350 pounds

Features: wears a American bandanna

Recognisable marks: a 3 inch cut across his face claims he got it from stopping a terrorist blowing china up with a butterfly bomb

Likes: chilling out on Caribbean islands with friends

Dislikes: his boss

The beginning of the game: Shayne Barrett or SSgt Barrett as his squad (the Gloom Walkers) know him is in the middle of ww3 after prime minister of UK wanted rid of long chain burger restaurant McDonalds all around the world which erupts chaos especially the country where it origins came from America and your squad is the first to land on palm beach where the bulk of the fighting is.

The game is a free roam but after so many missions each character it switches between the 2 main characters. at the end of the game there are many different endings they are: you die another is you become part of general Stanislaw’s army and you kill the prime minister of uk making general Stanislaw leader of uk.
by connor shreeve and Samuel Keeling