The Death of King Asmond

By: Amber Fafard #beowulfdesilets

There once was a man named King Asmond. He was a very unfair ruler and one day he was challenged to a duel. King Asmond couldn't decline his offer so he went head to head with a young warrior named Halstein. Being old and weak, King Asmond lost to Halstein and was killed. Halstein was to be the new king.

When the recently defeated King's wife heard of his death, she mourned.

Although the village did not like the way the King ruled, he was still their King at one time, and all the villagers put down their weapons and armour to attend Asmond's funeral.

An enormous and magnificent ship was built for King Asmond's funeral.


This ship was loaded up with all of the King's riches, along with the King himself. The ship was lit on fire and set to sail on the open ocean.

All of the King's former people gazed at the burning ember of what used to be their King. While only his wife shed a tear, all of the villagers stood in silence to pay Asmond respect one last time.


After the funeral ended, there was a great feast held in the mead hall to commemorate the King's death and also to celebrate Halstein's new ruling.

The feast lasted a week straight.

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