Lord Capulet Blog 5, Act V

O, Juliet. O, my dear Paris. O, thy cousin Tybalt. O, young Romeo. Poor souls. Fairly young men and lady. This is the result of the loathing of two families. Oh, I should have treated them with love. O, Montagues. Hold my hand. Forgive my greed with thy tolerance and generosity.

I can't believe Juliet and young Romeo was married behind my back. However I do forgive them. Their love and their sacrifice has brought peace and love back to the two families, and to the city of Verona.

Ay, ay. My tears won't stop. The tears of regret and loss. Poor Paris. Such a young man! It was also my responsibility to take care of thy life and love. Forgive me, young Paris.

O Romeo, Romeo. My hate and loath towards thy father has lead you to death. Now you are with the stars, beside Juliet. Thee must make my love brighter, and in peace. I will make a statue of thee with pure gold, in the middle of the city of Verona.

All do rest in peace. Shine by the stars, be happy with the angels. Thy loss has lead the city of Verona into deep grief but with closer love. No more loath, no more hate, but love towards everyone. O Romeo and O Juliet, please to rest in peace.

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2 years ago

"Skylar Cho, Paris" - I forgive you Capulet, for now I know the truth, and everything seems right. Stop crying over other’s death, since they’re already gone. We’re all together though, I looking at you from the sky, and resting in ataraxia. Your life continues, thus focus on optimistic things. Peace has finally came over between the two families, and no more blood has to be shed. Farewell my friend, farewell.