2nd grade teacher

Who does a 2nd grade teacher report to?

A 2nd grade teacher reports to the principal.

Purpose of a 2nd Grade Teacher

A 2nd teachers purpose is to teach children knowledge, guide students in learning new skills and procedures, and evaluate students of their mastery of new skills.


The duties/responsibilities of a 2nd grade teacher are:

  • Preparing lesson plans, teaching classes and evaluating student progress
  • Encouraging students
  • Maintaining discipline in the classroom
  • Communicating with parents about students progress


  • To be a 2nd grade teacher you need a bachelors degree.
  • A 2nd grade teacher would need to be responsible, caring, outgoing. They also are able to speak in front of people and love being around children.
  • Technology skills teachers need are - being able to use word processing, Google drive, and make spreadsheets.
  • A 2nd grade teacher needs the abilities of classroom management, teaching skills, and knowledge of what they are teaching.


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3 years ago

I can see you having the guts to teach 2nd graders😉 😊

3 years ago

I love your tackk! Your qualifications are detailed and really explain what it takes to be a great second grade teacher.