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                                                          By Alexa G. PD 3/4/5

This article, by Faith Karimi, is mind blowing.

Faith Karimi, an avid CNN Digital news-desk editor, writes about a recent hostage held in a Florida Pizza Hut. She writes about how Cheryl Treadway and her three children were held at knife point by her boyfriend, Ethan Nickerson, in their house in Highlands County, Florida. Cheryl, a frequent customer at this Pizza Hut, begged her boyfriend to let her make an order for a pepperoni pizza. Faith also reports that Cheryl made a comment in the comment section of the mobile order, which she made through the Pizza Hut app on her cellphone. The comment went as follows: 'Please help. Get 911 to me'. and '911, hostage, help!' When Cheryl's order came on the order screen of the local Pizza Hut, the employees were alarmed and thankfully, they sent police to Cheryl's home and to the Pizza Hut. Ethan is now held in jail for a $45,000 bail, with a court trail coming up on June 1st.

Lets dig down deep in this article shall we?

Point of View

P for point of Veiw

What is Faiths POV? (A for Author was stated previously)

Faith's point of view, although not stated and not made clear to her audience in her report (At least not to me), seems to be on the Cheryl Treadway side. I believe this way because;

  1. Honestly, who would root for the bad guy? Ethan held Cheryl and her three children at knife point, like that's not okay. Besides, Faith seems like a pretty legit, smart, woman, she knows that hes crazy.
  2. I didn't get a sense of 'Yeah Ethan! That's totally normal' from her. (This goes with number one)
  3. Faith uses a lot of quotes that are on Cheryl's side; quotes that help Cheryl's case and ones that 'hurt' or are against Ethan's case.

What if its found on other sources by other authors?

Although the article I found by Faith on CNN is my favorite, I also found this story on sites other then a breaking news stations. I found the article on a news channel, specifically WFLA's News Channel 8, by Peter Bernard. (Click here to view this article) Surprisingly, i also found reports on this story by many, many, many others including a Canadian English-language newspaper based in Toronto, Canada. (Click here)

  • The report made by Peter Bernard on WFLA, although written about the same incident in Faith's story, was different because it had A LOT more information. This may be because it was posted on May 5th, instead of May 6th like in faith's article. This day difference really made a difference. You know what also made this difference? WFLA IS BASED IN FLORIDA. The place this incident took place, NOT across the United States in new York.
  • The report made by Avon Park, although again, written about the same incident in Faith's story, is different because although the newspaper is based in Toronto, Canada, like Peter's story, it was written in Florida. (Like stated previously, this alters the information given because it was written in the place the hostage took place, NOT New York, which serves as a better resource for information.) The fact that this is meant for Canadian's to read also makes a difference. They are going to alter this article to Canadians customs and understanding (because we all know that the U.S and Canada has its differences; cough cough; TOP SECRET PROJECT). 

Place and Time

P for Place and Time

This source, coincidentally the 911 Pizza hut call source by Faith, was produced in New York City, NY. Although there is no specific time to when the article was published, it was last updated at 12:04 PM, on Wednesday May 6, 2015. The place that this article may have been published/written at may affect the meaning of the source because the actual hostage went down in Florida, while the information was fed into New York, almost across the entire United States. (Vertically) Since this article wasn't published in Florida, it may not have been fed the exact information that you would get if it happened in the place that you wrote it at. Although I think faith did an amazing job and that all of her information is correct, their may be some information that other readers may want. (Who knows what that is... I'm pretty okay with what I read) The time that this article may have been produced may affect the meaning of the source because who knows, maybe this hostage was held the day after or maybe even two? I don't know exactly when this hostage went down (The article doesn't say), but if it were written 1 or 2 days after, the hype about it may not be as big and some people may lose interest and meaningfulness in the incident because they've already heard about it. 

Prior Knowledge

P for Prior Knowledge

Honestly, i didn't even hear about this article until i read about it on CNN.com. However, i think what helped me understand this story was the fact that iv'e heard about hostages and miracle stories before. I know how they work out, and unfortunately, how they sometimes don't work out, and that helped me to not only be drawn into reading this story (Miracle and hostage stories are my fav.) but it also helped me to dig down and understand it because of my handy dandy brain and its ability to receive information from different forms of media sources.


A for Audience

This source/ article was created for the entertainment and update-ment (Is that a word?) of people. You see, people like to be updated, they like to stay tuned in. When something, like hostages, goes on around the world, people want to hear about it. It grips people, it is entertainment to them. For many, this article will be viewed in America. This doesn't really affect the reliably of the article (except the distance and time... like stated previously, but I'm not going to get into that again). However, much like report in the Canadian newspaper, the reliability of the source may be different. This doesn't really go for this type of newspaper, because it is written in Florida, but if it weren't, and it was written in Canada by information fed to them, the information may not be as precise as it should be.


R for Reason

This source was created at the time it was produced because for most it was considered breaking news. Breaking news is news that comes out almost right away for people to stay updated. It's normal for us as Americans to stay updated with all the bad things (it seems) of America, and everybody knows that if this article came out like 5 days after it actually happened it no longer would be 'breaking news' and instead, 'old news' and no one wants to read old news.

The Main Idea

M for Main Idea

The point that all three of these sources are trying to convey is people who hold hostages and their girlfriends/girlfriend's children at knife point, most likely will go to jail... and that's not fun. Kidding. For real though, all 3 of these sources are ultimately trying to convey to us, as the readers, is that bad things do happen. People may get out of the bad situations, but some may not. Some may have miracle stories, and some may not. Stories like these, no matter what media it comes from, keeps our head screwed on right and allows us to see that there are bad things happening around us, and who knows? Maybe one day it might happen to you.


S for Significance

Faith's source, and the 2 others, are important because this kind of information allows us to stay updated with the World; it allows us to understand the world and the way it works, some good and some bad....


If you look at it the other way around, what is the big deal about writing these articles? Why is it so important? Writing these kinds of articles, no matter what media its on, are what makes us human. Humanity is defined as who we are, what we do, what we say, etc. We, as in me and you, may not be so up to holding a hostage and getting in trouble with the cops, but others, who are apart of humanity as well, may not be so smart; they may not be as good as people like me, you, and these article writers. Its important for us to stay updated with the World and the actions of the humanity inside it. Besides, without the updateing-ness (Again, not a word, but idc) of these forms of media, no matter what story or post it is, how can we possibly understand the World and the way it works? Media updates mean more then you think. They mean updates. They mean communication. They mean humanity.

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