My 2013!

The best 2013 ever!!!

By: Maddy Denaro

This was taken on my trip to Australia! We went on a river tour!!

This photo was taken on my trip in Australia! We went on a river tour and saw three huge crocodiles! We also saw two babies sitting on a log. It was crazy, I didn't want to go swimming in a river for a while! When the tour was over the tour guide had a big stick bug on his back! I never went swimming in a river in Australia again!

Jelly Fish everywhere!

I saw tons of these Jelly fish in Australia!!

I saw tons of these jelly fish in Australia! They were so cool! One time when I was on the beach I picked one up and held it! You can only hold some of them if they are dead, luckily it was. The only kind you can't pick up are Blue Bottles. They have long stingers that stretch out to a meter long. One time when I was at the beach they were all over the place, they were even in the ocean. The crazy part is that my dad let me swim in the water and I did anyway.

Great Barrier reef snorkeling!!

My family and I went snorkeling in Australia! It was amazing!! My mom and I went over a drop off, and all of a sudden we saw a White tip shark swim under us! I started panicking like crazy. Luckily it wasn't one of the mean sharks! I had a great time. I also saw a couple of jelly fish too. It was so amazing!

Last week in Australia!!


This was the last two weeks in Australia! I had a great time and I would like to go back! I will miss my family in Australia so much, but I was also excited to get home to see everyone! I at least got to stay for New Years fireworks! I hope to go back soon.

Fireworks on New Years Eve!

Watching Fireworks for New Years Eve!!!

This was the last day of 2012! My family and some friends were celebrating New Years Eve together. My dad had his old friends from high school come over and we watched fireworks and had pizza. I had a great time in Australia and hope I can go back to visit my family again.

Foothills Academy Middle School Dance!!

At the Middle School Halloween Dance!!

This was the first dance since school started. The Middle School dance was a great way to get to know everyone a little bit better. I had a great time and I bet everyone else did as well. I had so much fun with my friends, and classmates.

ASU Game!!

The ASU game was such a great way to kick start the weekend! I had so much fun at the game. The enthusiasm was crazy, and there were so many people. The band was great and Sparky was hilarious. I would love to go to another one of the ASU games! The best part was that ASU won! Go ASU!!

Spike It Tournament with Volleyball team!!

Go Blackhawks!! We won the State Championships!! In the Bronze division!

This was the best memory I had with my team! We all had a great time, had fun, and won. I can't wait to try out next year! I will miss my old teammates since they move up a level, but cant wait to have new ones! Go Blackhawks!!

A Great 2013!

I had the best 2013 ever! I went to Australia, played volleyball, and went to a dance at school. I loved the year of 2013! I was so sad when the year ended, but I was excited to see what fun and exciting things I would do this year! It was a great year and I appreciate every second of it!! I believe that I had the best 2013 ever!!!

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