Teen Pregnancy

Teen Moms Speak Out About Being Pregnant

Many people may wonder how teen girls handle their social and economical life with babies on the way and after the baby arrive. They get judged by people they call their friends and even family and are always asked "well, do you want to have a abortion or give IT up for adoption?", "How are you going to pay for everything?", "Who's going to watch the baby(s)?", "What are you going to do for school?" BUT hardly does anyone offer to help you out during the pregnancy and after. Lots of parents will have the talk about teen pregnancy to their kids and many of them will say that'll never happen to me but about 34% of them will become teen parents.

What Is It Like Being A Teen Mom Trying To Have A Social Life?

So many teen moms have bad social lives. It is kind of uncommon for a teen mom to have a good social life with a child on the way when they are basically still a child themselves. Many soon to be moms will start to feel out of place as their stomach gets bigger and bigger because they wont be like their friends.During and after pregnancy it is hard to keep up with school and maintain a job because you have to find someone who's willing to watch your child. Most teen mothers end up alone because the teen father will usually walk out their lives once they learn the the female is pregnant because they aren't ready for responsibilities yet BUT they aren't the only ones who'll walk out on you. During your pregnancy you'll lose friends and family which means unless you can get a job to lay for a baby sitting you wont be able to have a social life or a good economical life.

What Is It Like Being A Teen Mom Trying To Have A Economic Life?

In the US alone, 75% of a million teens between 15-19 will become pregnant every year. Being pregnant will and can affect your life in many ways. If you get pregnant during your high school years like most teens, that could easily lead you down the path of dropping out. You wont have time to do all your homework and take care of a baby at the same time. Dropping out of high school to handle pregnancies or care for a newborn can prevent a teenage mom from learning the skills necessary for adulthood and obtaining a job. Without proper education, she'll struggle even more then usual to rise above an increased risk of poverty. Many teen mothers will switch schools to attend an alternative high school with built in day-cares. Most times this doesn't help preventing mothers from dropping out either because according to the Center for Disease Control And Prevention only about 50% of teen moms get their high school diplomas by the time they reach the age of 22. Once this finally happens community college is really the only option they have left if they still want to go to college.


After doing all this research about what it's like being a teen mom with a social life and trying to balance a good economical life, I feel as if teens should try their best remain abstinent until they know they are mentally and physically prepared to raise a child or maybe more themselves. I don't think any teen is ready to have a child themselves because they are still children themselves. Although you can't help what may happen to you because you can't control what goes on in their head you can always try to stop it in some cases.

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