Alexander Scharf - A Long and Successful Career

Alexander Scharf is a New York businessman who has enjoyed a long and successful career making wise and profitable real estate investments.

He is a graduate of Bernard M. Baruch College in New York, a part of the City University of New York system. Alexander Scharf was enrolled in a business curriculum and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in business.

Like generations of his family before him, Alexander Scharf is providing residences for senior citizens that offers them comfortable living in a warm and congenial environment. He owns and operates six Esplanade Luxury Residences in and around the New York City area. The Manhattan facility opened in 1993.

Alexander Scharf is a lifelong New Yorker who grew up in, and still lives in, the Upper West Side. He owns and operates several successful hospitality ventures, including the Westminster Hotel in Livingston, New Jersey, one of just a few Four Diamond-rated hotels in central New Jersey.

When he isn't overseeing his various business interests, Alexander Scharf composes, produces, and performs Contemporary Jewish music. He is also an avid art collector who has amassed an impressive and enviable personal art collection. He enjoys the challenge of researching and then finding the works of art that attract him, and matching them with other works of art that form a cohesive whole.

In addition to all this, Alexander Scharf is a sought-after inspirational speaker who is capable of inspiring his audiences to support common objectives and to reach their own personal goals, which he considers the primary duty of any inspirational speaker.

Alexander Scharf has been married since 1979. He and his wife are the proud parents of six daughters.

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