Aztec Noble

The Aztec Nobles had a great deal of leadership in the society but were not put in government positions. Women in this age held positions normally only men could, creating a new beginning for women. In the age of their empire being built up, Cortes sailed to the islands in the west looking for riches and landed upon what is now Mexico. This was the beginning of the Aztec Empire's agonizing fall.

This is a map of the Aztec Empire and the different Types of people within.

Aztec women could not wear make-up if wanted to be desirable to men because the make-up was reserved for Aztec prostitutes. The Aztec women would do the house chores and had a similar role to many women today. As for their jobs, the women could be vendors and sell various items such as clothing, food, and decorative items. They could also be a noble and serve the emperor as a secretary, a scribe, bookkeepers, and general administrators. Aztec women were easily allowed to run their own business, have a high authoritative job or important to society like a midwife or the life style of medicine and healing. Lastly, women could become a priestess, like men could.   

This is a photo of Aztec women. They were brightly colored, patterned clothing.

When Cortes had arrived, the Aztec ruler Moctezuma had wanted to greet Cortes and his army to try and be friendly, but Cortes had schemed with rebellious towns who did not like Moctezuma at rule. They burned down towns and sacked them beforehand, and met Moctezuma and told him to give up his rule and live under Cortes, and he did. All was well until Cortes's army seized the cross from atop The Great Temple. Then uprising began within the Aztecs but Cortes took the Aztec ruler captive and out onto a balcony in front of his people to tell them to withdraw and then stabbed the ruler to death. A year later they came back to take over the Aztecs completely after a large and blood filled battle. The past was gone once they built the new city of Mexico over the old city of Tenochitilan.

This photo is of the Emperor of the Aztecs and Cortes's army when he arrived.