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Mars And It's Moons

           Mars is one of the 8 planets out in our Solar System and it is the 4th from the Sun. It is the 2nd smallest in the Solar System and has 2 moons. They are Phobos and Deimos. Mars is often referred to as the "Red Planet" because of it's red-like dust appearance.

Mars' Moons:Phobos,Deimos

Phobos has a famous crater near one end and was named Stickney, the maiden name of Asaph Hall's wife.

^Phobos : Just the Facts^

  • Mass:10,658,529,896,187,200 kg
  • Distance from planet:9,380 km
  • Rotation Period: 7.65 hours(0.3189 days)
  • Atmosphere:No atmosphere
  • Composition:C-type rocks (blackish carbonaceous chondrite
Deimos is not a sphere and more of a potato-shaped moon.

^Deimos: Info Facts^

  • Mass:1,476,188,406,600,740 kg
  • Distance from planet:23,436 km
  • Rotation Period:30.2976 hours(1.2624 km)
  • Atmosphere:No atmosphere
  • Composition:C-type materials(carbon-rich rock similar to blackish carbonaceous chordate asteroids)

Interesting Fun Facts:

     Phobos was named after one of sons of the Greek God Ares and Aphrodite(Venus).He was the twin brother of Deimos, god of panic. The word "phobos" is Greek for fear/dread. About in 5 million years into the future it is said that Phobos will crash into Mars. Phobos and Deimos was both discovered by Asaph Hall.

Phobos was the Greek God of fear.

Deimos was another one of the sons of Ares and Aphrodite. He was the twin brother Phobos, god of fear. The word "deimos"is a Greek word for panic. Deimos is one of the smallest moons on our solar system. Like Phobos it was discovered by Asaph Hall. It was thought that Deimos was hollow but it wasn't.

Deimos is the Greek God of War.

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