Completing the Bright Angel Trail Head at Grand Canyon in less than 11 hours!

I was able to explore states where I have never been before during my two week car trip. Some of the states included Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Utah. While in Colorado, my boyfriend and I decided to tackle the Bright Angel Trail Head at the Grand Canyon. We had left around 6 in the morning, and had completed the trail all the way to the river and back to the top, all within 11 hours. Neither of us were much of the athletic type, as he was going for runs maybe twice a week, and I never really worked out much before our trip.We had been working our way around a few smaller trails during our trip in Texas and Arizona, however, felt a complete feeling of overwhelming achievement at the end of our journey at this trail! We saw many signs that said do not try this entire trail within a day. However, we completed it within less then half of a day! We reached the top of the trail head around 5:40pm. It was a very HOT, challenging experience, but one I will NEVER forget! Thankfully, we both survived with no health issues, had plenty of water and snacks with us, as well as drenching out shirts within fresh cool water in the little springs along the trail. We had water back packs, as well as folding water bottles with us. The times between the rest houses sometimes seemed very far in between, for a woman at least lol! On our way back up, we saw a deer at one of the rest houses, which made enjoying nature just that much better! We had some sore muscles the following days of course! My legs hurt for the next three days of our road trip. I wish I could share all of the pictures, but this experience could never be summed up just with pictures alone!

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