Instructional Partnerships

Scientifically Based Research on School Libraries & Academic Achievement

  • U.S. Department of Education, No Child Left Behind 2001
  • National Research Council, Scientific Research in Education 2002

What is happening?  Is there a systematic effect?  How is it happening?

Dr. Ross Todd, CiSSL Director

School Libraries & Diverse Student Needs, New Jersey School Library Survey

"Based on the evidence the school librarians provided in this study, the school library contributes to school life in the following ways by:

  • Helping students meet core curriculum content standards;
  • Developing a wide range of information handling competencies;
  • Providing students with the intellectual and technical scaffolds they need to learn and to be ethical and productive users and consumers of information;
  • Nurturing and supporting students as readers by contributing to the reading and literacy agenda of schools."

Student Learning Impact Measurement

A Toolkit and Handbook For Tracking and Assessing Student Learning Outcomes Of Guided Inquiry Through The School Library

"...research on school library impact will have its greatest effect when it reaches the ears of school admin., other educators, and parents and students."

"If indeed, education is becoming a science, it is time for what we know from SBR about the power of libraries to become common knowledge among educational practitioners at all levels.  Only then will all school libraries have the chance to make the difference that some libraries are making for student learning and academic achievement."

What can WE do to make an impact on those around us?

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