Fashion 4 Girls

Fashion 4 Girls

You can also look up our website on tackk  we will post pictures of  decorations for your room and jewelry that is so you!

Fashion 4 Girls can help you find your inner style you will look like your self  with cute
accessories and jewelry !

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Second day of F4G  ( fashion 4 girls) blog enjoy reading some beauty tips today.
1. Make sure to miostureize your face with oils so your pores don't close up . ( Recipe for oil sweet almond oil and castor oil.)

2. After you bathe / shower  put lotion on your body for moistureizing felling also helps you body pores .

3.Never leave make/ up on over night because your pores will close up.

Third dag of F4G blog today I am going to  share with u winter fashions .
Fur hats,scarves, and everything fur is of the hook! People are wearing a lot of pink as well as white and blue . All girls are wearing shic winter dresses.

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