Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners are a more advanced RN s. They are able to give exams, prescribe medication, scan x-rays, perform procedures, practice on their own and more.

Required Skills

  • compassion, leadership, communication, interpersonal, decision making and problem-solving skills.
  • These insure the well being of a patients care and treatment. It also shows a decency in the work related area and program.

Educational Requirements

  • Bachelor of science in nursing, masters degree and DNP, (choice) PhD, APRN license
  • At least a 4 year masters degree
  • University of Pennsylvania and California, University of Texas health and science in Houston and Texas A&M


The job starts at approximately $66,000 a year for the first four years then quickly grows to an average $92 to a possible $130,000 a year.

The job, like a doctor, usually pays off due to a high demand and increase in technology.

Future Outlook

As long as you have all required skills the need around the country is enough for an easy start especially with thousands of spots open and over 200,000 already in the field.

It has a long future because of the uprising of medical technology and as America gets bigger everyday so does the daily income of patients and their ratios to doctors.


It gives Health insurance, approx. 3-4 weeks year vacation, sick leave, membership in professional organization, travel pay (house calls) and various others per work area.

Similar Careers

Jobs that have many of the same requirements and skills needed are Physicians, RN's, EMT aids, nurses, and more.

Why this career?

I love to help some one or learn how to solve a serious injury or concern. There are people on both sides of my family who are in medical related jobs that are genuine and love what they do which inspires me to do the same.

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