5th Grade ELA Curriculum Support

Dear 5th Grade Teachers,

The purpose of this tackk board is to provide a place for teachers to find ELA curriculum support materials. The items below support the student outcomes for each unit. As a community of teachers, we are continuing to grow our collection of videos, anchor charts, links to websites and much much more. It is my hope you find this collection for resources helpful and supportive in planning your language arts lessons.


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Living a Purposeful Reading Life

Reading Comprehension Anchor Charts


Online Resources

Determining Word Meaning

Word Solving Anchor Charts

Concept Map

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*These ideas would be broken up over more than one anchor chart for students

Unit 2 Thinking About Fiction

Identifying Events Central to the Plot

Anchor Charts

Student Work Examples

Book Lists for Unit 2

Studying Characters

Student Work Examples

Analyzing Author's Choices

Picture Books for Teaching Foreshadowing

How Many Days to America

by Eve Bunting

An Early American Christmas

by Tomie dePaola

Rosie's Walk

by Pat Hutchins

Amber on the Mountain

by Tony Johnston


by David Macaulay

More Anchor Charts

Important Links



Point of View

Citing Text Evidence

-----1st person----


• Your reader is intimate with your main character's thoughts and actions.

• Personal-feeling, it's the natural storytelling tense. When you tell your first stories, they are about yourself, and you tell them from first person

• Ability to convey character's inner voice. Read the beginning of Catcher in the Rye and you'll know what this means.


• If your character doesn't see it, your reader can't see it. If something interesting is happening elsewhere, there's no way to let your reader see it without letting your character also see it.

• Only one main character. No chance to get into anyone else's head and see what they see. This rule is sometimes broken, but it must be done in a precise, calculated kind of way.

• Character bias. If your character is a liar, then they probably won't always be truthful with your reader while they tell the story. If they think their teacher, Mrs. Smith, is an idiot, you can't really show Mrs. Smith's good side without your character changing their perspective about the teacher. Your reader can't make up their own mind about something without first interpreting it through your character's bias.

----- Third Person -----


• Can jump between many characters, allowing the reader to see obstacles or future conflicts that the main character can't see.

• Can still "hear" a character's thoughts, but without as much character bias.

• Allows for bigger stories. If the main character is not actively doing something interesting, the story can shift to the enemy's point of view for a chapter. Allows for smaller, interweaving stories that seem unrelated at first but come together at the end of the story.


• Difficult for amateurs to write in. With the ability to jump between characters comes the difficult choice of "which character should be experiencing the story during THIS chapter?"

• "Voice" of story tends to be less strongly characterized.

Analyzing Point View Texts

Analyzing Theme

Concept Map

This is a way you might share this unit's concepts
*These ideas would be broken up over more than one anchor chart for students

Unit 3 Thinking About Nonfiction

Analyzing Text Structure

Text Structure Anchor Charts

Examples of Student Work

Helpful Links

Context Clues Anchor Charts

Main Idea & Summary Anchor Charts

Concept Map

This is a way you might share this unit's concepts
*These ideas would be broken up over more than one anchor chart for students

Author's Purpose of Text Features

Analyzing Author's Purpose by Thinking About Main Ideas & Messages in a Text

Recommended Sites for Texts


Unit 4

Poetry Terms


Unit 5
Exploring Historical Fiction

Anchor Charts

lesson support materials


Unit 6
The Art of Persuasion

Anchor Charts

Author's Viewpoint

Studying Character Traits


Unit 7
Reading Multi-Genre Text Sets

Unit 8

Unit 9




Unit 10
Exploring Graphic Novels and Infographics

Using Context to Find the Meaning of Words in Graphic Text

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