Paul Olsen of Denver - Heavy Equipment

Paul Olsen of Denver and his company do many things, including being involved in the sales of new equipment which accounts for roughly five percent of their total sales, while eighty percent of that goes to sales of used equipment and the rest allocated towards revenue gained from rentals. The company has had a cash flow between 331k and 372k over the past two years. Also included in the sale is over $400,000 worth of heavy equipment assets and inventory; and with the sales terms being only $400kdown, it is virtually a debt-free investment with the potential to harbor growth and expansion. The company sells and rents a full line of used heavy machinery and equipment such as: tractors, trailers, loaders backhoes, skid steers, lawn trenchers, tillers, aerators, lifts and many more. They currently have a fifteen year old Heavy Equipment Sales and Rental Business in East Denver. They also have carpet installation tools, floor maintenance equipment, pumps, compressors, jumping jacks and other tools used for a variety of causes. Paul and the Company Broker Group are skilled business merger, acquisition and leadership transition professionals who can help you sell your business while also helping mitigate deals with their buyer clients that are a win-win situation for everybody involved.

Paul Olsen of Denver and CBG can be reached at their home office, which is located at 999 18th St. Suite 3000, Denver, CO 80202. Their phone number is 303-382-1900 and their fax number is 815-301-3483.You can also fill out a contact form on their website, which is available at