Home for most  Georgians

By Matthew and Justice

The main city of peidmont is Atlanta

Atlanta was the main capital of Georgia.it`s our place for people to take a tour and maybe stay around for a few days.Some rappers and singers stay over there(so you might wanna look for them).I think of Atlanta the heart of Georgia.

Georgia`s main resources are peaches,pecans, peanuts,etc.Farmers around Georgia usually farm those resources in their fields,and delivers them to use(sometimes they just doing it for the money).

Our sorts teams for Georgia is Georgia Tech`s Yellow Jackets(Mr.Strickland`s favorite college team), Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Hawks, and Georgia Bulldogs

famous pianist,Ray Charles,did,"Georgia on my mind" to honor Georgia for what it is.By the way, Ray Charles was a famous blind pianist.

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