What's your favorite shoe brand?

Jamia Wilkins
December 19, 2013

Why I chose this topic

I chose this topic because shoe brands are becoming much more popular each day. I thought this topic would be very interesting and actually give me something to look forward to doing

What information did i receive?

I thought jordan's would have been more popular in today's society but according to my survey many people like nike's and secondly would be jordan with a percentage of 23% and nikes with a percentage of 42%


My expectations was jordans would take the lead being that you see people wearing them everyday. I thought that would be the number 1 trend.

What class did I survey?

I surveyed Mrs. Selner 2nd period U.S. History honors class. I think they really enjoyed the survey. They asked many questions and answered the questions accurately to best of their ability.

Results !!!!!!

Qualitative Date; Mode= Nike

Quantitative Date= Mode=1, Mean=2.95, Median=2, Range=23, Standard deviation=4.2

Histogram Chart

Box & Whiskers plot

My box and whiskers plot shows the Quantitative data results of the servery I took.There is not a line on the left because the number is 0, in the middle the number is 2, on the right the number is 4, then i have drawn a line to the end that represents 23.

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