Mc McNaughton is a three foot tall winged beast.  Mc McNaughton has the special ablility to manipulate his hair.  With pure will power, this beast can grow or shrink his hair to any size instantaneously.  This ability is vital because Mc McNaughton can also move his hair.  His unbreakable hair plays a key role in this tricksters pranks.  Mc McNaughton uses his hair to steal food, to defend his home, to trip unsuspecting civilians, and most importantly to protect himself.  Whenever a valiant knight tries to rid the land of Mc McNaughton, the beast wraps himself in a cocoon of his hair and is completely protected from harm.  A further advantage to this creature's glorious hair is its ability to change colors.  The ability to change colors and blend into surroundings is vital when avoiding enemies.

Mc McNaughton accidentally came into existence when a Witch by the name of Letsdesi was making a potion to make her thousand pet frogs grow  sweet flows of hair went horribly wrong.  Letsdesi forgot to add the crucial ingredient of Shake of Speare.  When she lathered the potion on her frogs' heads, they morphed into one being named Mc McNaughton.  When morphing together, a bat got stuck in between, being the reason why Mc McNaughton has wings.  Letsdesi did get one thing right, though... Mc McNaughton has the freshest hair around.  Being jealous of his magical follicles, Letsdesi sent Mc McNaughton away from her home into Nicosia.

The ferocious beastterrorizes the land of Nicosia.  Living in the Balding Hills to the northern end of Nicosia, Mc McNaughton is notorious for attacking the weak and vulnerable.  This beast refrains from attacking any admirable foe and is commonly known for tripping old ladies with his luxurious locks.

Due to Mc McNaughton's ability to blend into his surroundings and move virtually unnoticed, Mc McNaughton is occasionally enlisted by enemies of Nicosia as a spy.  For the price of one Golden Acorn, Mc McNaughton will do your bidding for one year.  Golden Acorns are extremely rare and hard to come by.  To find a Golden Acorn, one must travel to the distant Land of Liberty.  Once the journey to the Land of Liberty is complete, one must find the magical glittering foot-fairy who goes by the name of Macedon.  To earn a Golden Acorn from Macedon, one must clip all of his absolutely outrageously disgustingly curved toenails.  However, there is a twist... no normal toe-nail clippers will do... One must first travel to the fiery layer of Blais to find such a tool. The soul-seeker Blais will trade you her Magical Toenail Clipping Whale Kevin after a rendition of every single Jason Aldean song known to mankind.  Once you possess the Whale Kevin, one can clip Macedon's toenails and retrieve the Golden Acorn.  Needless to say, Mc McNaughton is not enlisted as a spy very often.  

Mc McNaughton's greatest enemy is the squirrel.  Although, he came into existence from the morphing of a thousand frogs and a bat, some genetic mutation along the way caused Mc McNaughton to have an extreme craving for acorns, naturally making squirrels his sworn enemies.  When not pulling pranks on the villagers, Mc McNaughton spends his time creating elaborate traps made from his hair that will trap the squirrels of the land.  However, a thousand frog brains plus a bat's only equal about half the intelligence of a squirrel.  To this date Mc McNaughton is yet to catch a squirrel.  

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