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Welcome to Medina-Moreno Investments... Where our job is to serve you and your investment needs. We offer our clients a variety of investment options, some of which are listed below. No matter where you are located in the United States, we can help you.

Investment Options

Notty's 401(k) Plan: One of the several investment options that we have at Medina- Moreno Investments is the Notty 401(k)plan. The Notty 401(k) plan gives you the opportunity to contribute an amount of your paycheck  every month and place that money in an account. If you choose this type of investment, you can make salary deferral contributions.

Medina Risky Bonds:Another type of investment option that we have at Medina-Moreno investments would have to be the Medina Bonds. Medina Bonds ultimately allow you to loan money to entities. This type of bond is a debt investment. You could use  Medina Bonds to sponsor activities and projects, as well as raise money and finance for other events. You could issue  Medina Bonds instead of obtaining loans from the bank.

Chris's Sorta Risky Certificates of Deposit: These Certificates of Deposit are another great option for individuals looking for investment options. CD's are issued by the banks and allow you to earn interest on your money. However, they do have some restrictions on when you can withdraw money. Chris's Certificates of Deposit are insured by the FDIC.

Corporate Bonds: Another possible investing option would have to be corporate bonds. Corporate bonds are a higher risk bond and interest rates on these bonds are higher. Corporate bonds act as a debt security card that are issued by various corporations and distributed to people like you.

Municipal Bonds: Municipal bonds are the bonds that are issued by the state that are used to pay off capital expenditures. These types of bonds are exempt from federal taxes, and are even exempt from local and state taxes.  This type of investment option is for you, if you are looking to possibly build a school, bridge, or even a highway.

Money Market Mutual Funds: If you are looking for short term investment options, the money market mutual funds are for you. A money market mutual fund is an open-ended fund that invests in short term debt securities.

Junky Junk Bonds: If you are looking for something really risky, this type of bond is for you risk takers. A junk Bond is a type of high risk, high yield corporate bond.

Government Savings Bonds: Government Savings Bonds are a people pleaser! These types of bonds can be subject to taxes and can be transferred in a fast manner. This type of bond has a fixed rate of interest over periods of time.

Treasury Notes and Bonds: Treasury Notes have a maturity of ten years and a fixed interest rate. You can buy Treasury notes at your local bank or through the government.  Treasury notes are an extremely popular investment option because of their liquidity.

Treasury Bills: Another possible Investment option you could obtain is a treasury bill. This type of investment option is usually made for short term investments and have a maturity of less than a year. These bills are sold from 1,000 dollars up to 5 million dollars, however they don't usually last more than a month.

Equities: The last option we have available at Medina-Moreno investments are Equities. An equity is a stock or other type of security that is representative of ownership interest.

Medina-Moreno Packages

Low Risk Packages:

If you chose from my low risk package deal, i will include the following investment options:

1. One Notty's 401(k) plan

2. One Treasury Bond

3. One Government Savings Bond

Medium Risk Packages:

If you chose from my medium risk package deal, i will include the following investment options:

1.  One Municipal Bond

2. One Equity

3. One Treasury Bill

High Risk Packages:


If you chose from my high risk package deal, i ill include the following investment options:

1. One Corporate Bond

2. One Junk Bond

3. One Medina-Moreno Investment Bond

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