European Exploration Proposal

My name is Owen Buckenmaier, and I present to you, King Philip the 3rd, my plan for traveling to the Americas. I will leave in the year 1556 and will return with news in the year 1560. While I have yet to discover many riches to indulge myself in, I have made a generous idea to give most of those riches to you.

I will look for as much gold as my crew and I may carry onboard with us, as well as silver. This will make your country far richer than Spain and France. Along that line, If I shall run into explorers from those two country's, I shall cooperate with them to find gold and silver. Later, we will betray them and take the riches for ourselves.

If I happen to run into natives I will also work together with them to get food and information. Then, during the night we will surprise attack them with our weapons.

My crew and I will need the following-

- 4 boats

- approximately 50 pounds of food

- 50 guns and 3 cannons

- 339 wooden planks

If you let me go on this expedition, you will not regret it!

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Brazil94 3 years ago

Sorry, I am going with my own crew.

Rahul Palani 3 years ago

What r we rsvping for again?

Jacob Brown 3 years ago

I have no idea what we are rsvping for? :s

Maddalena Petillo 3 years ago

what are we even rsvp for?

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3 years ago

Liked it a lot

3 years ago