Come Visit the St. Lawrence Lowlands!

We have some breathtaking things for you to see!

The St. Lawrence Lowlands is a beautiful place with plenty of amazing sights. This land form region stretches from Windsor to Quebec and has many activities to enjoy!


The St. Lawrence Lowlands may be smaller than other landform regions but it is no less important. The lowlands are filled with populated cities and everything from skyscrapers to waterfalls. The landscape of this region is typically made up of flat plains and deep river valleys. There is lots to see and many things to do!


The lowlands have a humid, continental climate. This means that it has very cold winters and hot summers. It goes as cold as -30°C in winter and as hot as 35°C in summer. It is perfect for sight seeing on summer vacation. There are many popular destinations to visit while the weather is nice! The cold winters mean that the snow won't melt for a while, which gives you more time to go skiing on the famous blue mountain!


Located at the U.S. - Canada border, Niagara Falls is a must-see to everyone nearby. These huge waterfalls are The Niagara River is the natural outlet from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. The difference in height between them is about 325 feet, and half of the drop occurs at the Falls. You can even take a ferry under them so you can truly experience how big they really are!

In the heart of downtown Toronto lies the world's second tallest freestanding structure - the CN Tower. This building is 1814 feet tall, and it doubles as a restaurant and radio tower! That's right, that big glass dome near the top is a restaurant that ROTATES! And that's not all...there is even a glass floor section where you can see the ground directly below you. In addition, the Edge Walk has recently opened. This is when you can sign up to walk around the edge of the CN Tower! This is truly a once in a lifetime experience and everyone should come see it!


One of the most popular activities in the region is skiing, and the most popular place to do it is at Blue Mountain. These huge mountains are composed mainly of sedimentary rock, like most of the region. Blue Mountain is a huge resort that has many ski and snowboarding hills for you to enjoy during the cold and long winters!

Impacts of Climate Change

The change in climate is having huge effects on this region. The main concern is the warming temperatures and melting of glaciers. This is a major problem because many ski resorts will go out of business if the heat continues and the snow melts. However, there is a positive to this. With the extended summer heat, many resorts will be able to convert their attractions into something more suitable for the weather. For example, they have already build a rollercoaster that goes around the mountain! In addition, the weather will allow for better circumstances to see the amazing sights that this region has to offer.

In Conclusion...

The St. Lawrence Lowlands are an excellent place to visit or even start a business. There are wonderful sights, exciting activities, and more! However, please be aware of the negative effects climate change will have in the future and how it will change such a great place forever.

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