Brighton Beach Memoirs
                    Jasmine Collins

The Great Depression

The Great Depression was in 1929 and was the longest economic downturn. It then began after the stock market crash in October 1929. The Great Depression did not affect everyone, not even the rich people only poor. It affect family in ways like them getting married and losing their jobs. Up to forty percent did not face the Great depression.

Stan's Apology Letter


I'm sorry for doing what i did to you. I know it was wrong for me to do it in front of everyone. I know i made you look like a fool.

I only did what i did because i wanted a raise and and you wouldn't give me and i was just mad. I'm really for what i did to you. I would like to have my job back. i don't have to have a raise, but i would just like to have my job back.

I am very  sorry for what i did. i should've listen to you in the beginning. i know i shouldn't have made a fool of you and I'm sorry. Please let me keep my job.

- Stan


The lion King Broadway show is based of of the Disney Film in 1994. The Broadway show was first played in July 8, 1997, in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Orpheus Theate. To buy one ticket to see The Lion King Broadway show it is $92. The Lion King is the Award-Winning Best Musical.  It plays eight times in a week at the Minskoff Theatre.

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